Les rayons Gamma

Les rayons Gamma

Titulo:Les rayons Gamma
Año: 2023
Direccion: Henry Bernadet
Reparto: Chaimaa Zinedine, Chris Kanyembuga, Yassine Jabrane, Hani Laroum, Océane Garçon-Gravel, Jamin Chtouki, Samy Ghezali, Belkacem Lahbairi, Simon Landry-Désy


Abdel’s quiet life is upended by the arrival of his extroverted cousin, who’s staying for the summer. Fatima craves a more stable life since she’s starting a new job as a supermarket cashier. Toussaint, while fishing, finds a bottle washed up on the shore, and there’s a message inside. Straddling the line between fiction and documentary, Les Rayons Gamma / Gamma Rays is a dramedy filmed with young, non-professional actors from immigrant communities.


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