Año: 2023
Direccion: Egor Baranov
Reparto: Dave Davis, Karli Hall, Erika Chase, Kristen Ariza, Ezra Buzzington, Brad Greenquist, Timothy V. Murphy, Ahmed El-Mawas, Krystin Goodwin


In the nearest future, the Catholic Church learnt how to resurrect people. The whole process is kept secret and follows strict rules: only sinless believers under the age of 65 can be resurrected. The film is set on the computer of Stanley, an on-line church priest who helps those who were brought back to life. He is divorced and his son lives with his ex-wife, so he can chat with him only on-line. Stanley's son was the first person to be resurrected after he died in a car accident that Stanley caused. Soon Stanley learns that there is a huge conspiracy behind the resurrection process.

Generos:Terror / Ciencia ficción

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